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As N.P.R. reported in May, services that “were once free, including those that are constitutionally required,” are now frequently billed to offenders: the cost of a public defender, room and board when jailed, probation and parole supervision, electronic monitoring devices, arrest warrants, drug and alcohol testing, and D.N.A. sampling. This can go to extraordinary lengths: in Washington state, N.P.R. found, offenders even “get charged a fee for a jury trial — with a 12-person jury costing $250, twice the fee for a six-person jury.”

The Expanding World of Poverty Capitalism (via disabilityhistory)

This is why Republicans push for privatization. Not only does it make the rich richer by creating Profit where none existed before(and make Profit out of Profit through trading the relevant company’s stock, and Profit out of Profit-Profit out of derivatives and securitization of that stock and the company’s debt, ect, ect, ect), but it also more powerfully enforces Class-structure. Government is an equalizer; when it provides services that are paid for communally(whether that be at the local, county, state, or federal level, or a combination of all such sources) it levels the playing-field, allowing those with less, little, or no money the same access to the Courts and official support as those with wealth. When these services(and just as importantly, civic and governmental information) are privatized, they are placed upon a by-fee basis; necessarily excluding those for whom money is dear while amplifying the access -and the effectiveness of that access- for those to whom money is trivial. I will make this explicit; Privatization, in every case, is about fucking you over, and if you support politicians who advocate it, you are supporting your own exploitation for the benefit of those who already have more than they could ever possibly spend.

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Anonymous asked: One thing that's always bothered me about the Dunning-Kruger effect: if you think you aren't very skilled, but you know about the effect, so you estimate your skills higher to correct for it, does it now indicate that you are less skilled because you are estimating your skills higher? It's the same as the "you don't know you're beautiful" -> "that's what makes you beautiful" feedback loop in that One Direction song! D:


The causality with dunning-kruger is one-way and temporary, you can learn better about how to estimate your skill.

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Changing Conversations: When Parents Murder Disabled Children


yet another parent tries to murder an autistic child. thank god this one didn’t succeed.

the article doesn’t come right out and blame Autism Speaks for creating a poisonous ‘community’ of self-pitying parents isolating and dehumanizing their children, but they sure do hint at it.

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I’m gonna depress the hell out of all of you. ready? ok go

so, that “stop devaluing feminized work post”

nice idea and all

but the thing is, as soon as a decent number of women enter any field, it becomes “feminized,” and it becomes devalued.

as women enter a field in greater number, people become less willing to pay for it, the respect for it drops, and it’s seen as less of a big deal. it’s not about the job- it’s about the number of women in the job.

observe what happened with biology. it’s STEM, sure, but anyone in a male-dominated science will sneer at the idea of it being ‘for real,’ nevermind that everyone sure took it more seriously when it was a male dominated field. so has happened with scores of other areas; nursing comes to mind

so the thing is, it’s not the work or the job that has to be uplifted and seen as more respectable. it will never work out, until people start seeing women as respectable

but there’s a doozy and who the fuck knows if it’s ever happening in my life time

"observe what happened with biology. it’s STEM, sure, but anyone in a male-dominated science will sneer at the idea of it being ‘for real,’ nevermind that everyone sure took it more seriously when it was a male dominated field."

Personal anecdote time!  I’m in a biology graduate program.  An acquaintance wanted to introduce some guy to me because his son was thinking about becoming an undergrad science major.  When he found out I was in the biology department, he grinned and said, “Well, I guess that’s kind of related to science.”

I gave him what I hope was an icy look and said, “Isn’t it strange how men outside the field started saying that right around the time biology majors shifted from mostly male to mostly female?”

The guy got this look on his face like he was about to play the “just a joke” card, and then an older woman who had been standing nearby, talking to someone else, turned to me and said, “The same thing happened with real estate.”  She went on to explain that, over the course of the career, the male-to-female ratio among real estate agents had dropped, and the pay and “prestige factor” of that job dropped along with it.

This is also famous for happening to teaching. Keep an eye on medicine over the next fifteen years and watch as it becomes less prestigious and less well-paid.

It also happened to secretarial/administrative work - in the 19th century, clerical work was utterly respectable and seen as requiring quite a lot of talent and skill (which it still does!) but then along came the typewriter and women entering the field and HEY PRESTO “she’s just some secretary”

at my university, chemical engineering, or chem eng, was often referred to as “fem eng” why? because it’s an exact 50/50 ratio of women to men, which clearly makes it too feminine. in the 70s/80s chemical engineering was one of the most important and hardest engineering fields (plastics! pulp and paper! OIL) but now that there are more women in the field it’s considered an easier field, in comparison to other fields.

for example, i once heard a girl in mech eng list some of the engineering fields in the order she thought was hardest to easiest. you know what it was? electrical, mechanical, chemical. it’s absolutely no surprise that this list is also a handy ordering of fewest women in the field to most women in the field.

AND, another point! this happens the other way around too. computer science related fields used to be dominated by women, which made it not very important (switchboard operators? yup). once men started taking over the field, well that’s when the big money and prestige came in.

The field of anthropology, which is becoming female dominated from what I can see, has been determined to be useless by some. (I’ve even had girls in STEM fields tell me I don’t study a “real science” so how’s about that internalized misogyny for ya) When I was majoring in anthropology, Gov. Rick Scott determined that Florida didn’t need any more anthropologists and wanted to reduce funding to programs and increase funding to STEM programs. While not considered a STEM field, anthropologists have contributed to the research behind STEM programs and provide a wide variety of services to Florida alone. A team of anthropologists created a powerpoint “This is Anthropology" to talk about dozens of programs and services they contribute to in Florida which include healthcare programs, education programs, disaster relief, forensic investigation, environmental programs and conservation efforts, research for fortune 500 businesses, agricultural programs, immigration programs, programs and services for the elderly, etc. I’m also in the field of education, and we’re constantly made out to be overpaid (we’re not) and made out to be incapable of doing our jobs without very strict guidance. 

It’s all very insulting, really. No matter what we study. No matter what we do to earn a living. It will never be good enough.

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You may have heard that a proton is made from three quarks. Indeed here are several pages that say so. This is a lie — a white lie, but a big one. In fact there are zillions of gluons, antiquarks, and quarks in a proton. The standard shorthand, “the proton is made from two up quarks and one down quark”, is really a statement that the proton has two more up quarks than up antiquarks, and one more down quark than down antiquarks. To make the glib shorthand correct you need to add the phrase “plus zillions of gluons and zillions of quark-antiquark pairs.” Without this phrase, one’s view of the proton is so simplistic that it is not possible to understand the LHC at all.
Matt Strassler, What’s a Proton, Anyway? (via littleskywatcher)

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"They tried to burn off her hijab". Is this what it's like to be Muslim in Australia right now?

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reminder that the matrix trilogy was written and directed by a trans woman (lana wachowski) along with her brother

one of the most influential and iconic sci fi movies was created by a trans woman and MORE PEOPLE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THIS!! lana wachowski is a babe and an inspiration, one of the few female directors in hollywood as well as one of the few transgender people in hollywood. 

And they originally wrote Switch (the androgynous, bleach-blonde rebel) as trans, using different (but similar-looking) actors inside and outside the Matrix, because their self-image and body didn’t match. The studio vetoed it.

aw man that woulda been so cool.

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